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Cedar Fencing: Top Choice for Wood Fencing

A cedar fence is a type of fence made from cedar wood. Cedar is a durable and rot-resistant wood, making it ideal for fence posts and boards. These fences can be left unfinished or stained to match the exterior of your home.

Cedar fencing comes in various styles, from classic picket fences to modern designs. No matter your style, cedar fencing can enhance the look of your property.

Benefits of Choosing Cedar for Fencing

You might want to enclose your property with a fence for many reasons. A fence offers privacy, creates a secure playground for kids and pets, and keeps intruders out. However, what kind of fence should you purchase? For many homeowners, cedar is a no-brainer. Your property will look better with cedar, which can last for decades. Let’s explore the benefits of cedar as your wooden fence and provide insights into cedar fence costs and installation.

1. Durable and Long-Lasting

Cedar is a material that lasts incredibly long. A cedar fence with proper care can last up to 30 years! It lives longer than most other tree species and does not rust like iron. The cedar’s natural oils help make it durable. These oils help shield materials from rotting, warping, and shrinking. This implies that the shape of your cedar fence will be preserved.

2. Low Maintenance

Cedar needs very little maintenance. A protective coating should be applied when it is first installed to ensure the fence’s durability. Your new fence is stained by Law Fence in Colorado Springs in their indoor pre-staining facility so that it will arrive weatherproofed and prepared for installation at your house. Y

our fence will last longer and look better if you pre-stain it. You can reapply a stain or protective coating every few years. This further increases the lifespan of your fence. A wise long-term investment is cedar fencing. You want it to last as long as it can. Fencing contractors frequently handle any reapplication of sealant or stain if you want a hands-off fence maintenance approach,

3. Adds Aesthetics and Curb-Appeal

The color and texture of natural cedar are beautiful. As a result, to preserve the wood’s natural tone and grain, many homeowners choose a clear coating or a stain with a light tint. Cedar can be reddish or pinkish-brown in color. You can make your yard look better by putting up a cedar fence. Its natural beauty adds curb appeal to your property, making it aesthetically appealing.

Cedar fences are a wise investment due to their strength, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. If properly maintained, a cedar fence can last for many years. Law Fence’s expert installation services also ensure a seamless and aesthetically appealing cedar fence project. If you want to enhance your property’s beauty and security, consider a cedar fence today.

Cedar Fence Installation and Material Costs

Embarking on a cedar fence project requires a thorough understanding of installation and material costs. The lifespan of a cedar fence, particularly in a region like Colorado Springs, is a critical consideration when budgeting for your fencing project.

Extending Cedar Fence Lifespan in Colorado Springs

The cedar fence’s lifespan typically ranges between 15 to 30 years, although with diligent maintenance, this can extend up to 40 years, showcasing the cedar fence’s longevity. Law Fence, a seasoned fencing company in Colorado Springs, presents competitive cedar fence installation costs tailored to your budgetary constraints and requirements.

Climate Factors

The costs of installing a cedar fence may fluctuate based on several factors, including your geographical location denoted by your zip code, the linear foot required, and the fence material choice. While cedar is highly durable and aesthetically pleasing, other options, such as pressure-treated pine, may also be considered. Pressure-treated pine is another popular fence material known for its resistance to decay and insects, much like cedar, albeit at a usually lower price point.

Materials and Labor

Moreover, the long-term costs associated with a wood fence should also be contemplated. Wood fences, including cedar, require a certain level of maintenance to combat the effects of Colorado Springs’ climate, ensuring the structure retains its form and function over time. Applying waterproof sealers, regular cleaning, and occasional repairs are part of the upkeep that contributes to a wood fence’s durability.

Furthermore, the natural resilience of cedar against decay and insect infestation makes it a cost-effective choice in the long run. This resilience enhances the cedar fence’s longevity, making it a worthwhile investment despite the initial installation costs.

Law Fence offers a comprehensive service ensuring that the cedar fence you choose meets your immediate fencing needs and stands the test of time, providing value for your investment.

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When building a fence, there is no single answer as to whether it should have 3 rails. However, it can be ideal depending on the type of fence you choose and what you intend to use it for. A three-rail design usually gives more support and is used for large-scale fencing projects like farms and ranches.
The height of a three-rail fence will depend on several things, like what it’s used for, where it’s put, and what it’s made of. Generally, however, a three-rail fence should be at least 4 feet tall.
Cedar is the most popular type of wood used for three-rail fences. It is ideal for outdoor fencing because of its inherent resistance to rot and decay. A property also gains a lot of aesthetic value from its distinctive color. Also, cedar is a good choice for homeowners on a budget because it is not too expensive to buy and put up.
In Colorado Springs, the local climate impacts a cedar fence’s lifespan, including hot summers and prolonged snowfall, which can cause wear and foster fungal growth. Generally, untreated cedar fences last 15 to 30 years, while treated cedar fences can last up to 40 years with proper maintenance.

Key maintenance practices include annual treatment, applying a waterproof sealer every three to five years, and yearly cleaning. Additionally, cedar’s natural resistance to decay and insects due to its inherent oils further contributes to its durability, making it a robust choice for fencing in this region.

Cedar fences are known for longevity, often outlasting pine wood fences. However, vinyl fences also offer durability with less maintenance. The choice between cedar, pine wood, and vinyl may depend on aesthetic preferences and maintenance willingness.
Cedar fences need a protective coating initially and periodic re-staining. Pinewood may require similar or more maintenance, especially if not pressure treated. Vinyl fences, on the other hand, require minimal upkeep, making them a practical choice for the varying climates of Colorado Springs.

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