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At Law Fence Co, we pride ourselves on being the go-to professionals for job-related Colorado Springs Fence Repair. Our expert team is skilled in repairing panels and gate, ensuring a professional and efficient service. As the Premier Fence Repair Experts, we’re committed to reviving the strength and aesthetics of your fences by providing professional maintenance services.

Our team specializes in repairing damaged panels to ensure that your fences are in top condition. Whether faced with maintenance issues, wear and tear, weather damage, or unforeseen mishaps, rely on us to rejuvenate your fence, gate, and concrete panels to their peak condition. Your wood fence, which serves as your property’s first line of defense, deserves top-tier care. We’re here to provide fence repairs for any damage or even install a new fence if needed.

Safeguarding and Beautifying Properties Since 1990

Since our inception in 1990, we’ve witnessed the evolving home landscape of Colorado Springs — from its burgeoning urban development to its serene suburban expanses. With our expertise in panels and rails, we are well-equipped to handle any damage that may occur. Through it all, one thing has remained constant: our unwavering commitment to ensuring that every wood fence panel we repair stands strong against damage from the elements and enhances the beauty of its surrounding home property.

Don’t let damaged wood fence panels diminish the charm or safety of your home. Click here to request a personalized repair quote for your wood fence repairs, including fence panel replacements or a new fence.

Cedar Fence in Colorado Springs

The Importance of Fence Repair

Often seen as the first line of defense for a property, wood fences play a pivotal role beyond just marking boundaries. Wood fences are made of durable materials such as posts that provide security and privacy. A new wood fence can offer privacy, keep intruders at bay, and add an aesthetic touch that can significantly boost property value. The fence post is an essential component of any wood fence. However, like all things exposed to the elements, fences are susceptible to damage — from harsh weather conditions, accidental impacts, or natural aging.

Neglecting a damaged fence can lead to a host of problems. A leaning post can soon become a fallen one, a small crack can evolve into a gaping hole, and a minor issue can quickly escalate into a significant safety concern. Moreover, a worn-out fence can detract from your property’s visual appeal, potentially affecting its market value.

But it’s not just about aesthetics and safety. A well-maintained fence can also:

  • Reduce Unwanted Noise: A sturdy fence acts as a sound barrier, shielding your home from street noise.
  • Provide Windbreak: A robust fence can protect your garden and property, especially in areas prone to strong winds.
  • Enhance Privacy: A well-repaired fence ensures you can enjoy your backyard or garden without prying eyes.

At Law Fence Co. , we understand the multifaceted importance of a well-maintained fence. Our team is dedicated to restoring your fence’s integrity, ensuring it continues to serve its purpose while looking its best.

About Law Fence Co.

Nestled in the scenic backdrop of Colorado Springs , Law Fence Co. has been a beacon of trust and reliability in the fencing industry since 1990 . Our journey began with a simple mission: to offer top-notch fencing solutions that cater to the unique needs of the residents of Colorado Springs and its surrounding areas, including El Paso, Douglas, and Teller Counties.

Over the years, our commitment to quality, affordable services, and deep-rooted community values have allowed us to serve a diverse clientele, from families seeking privacy in their backyards to businesses aiming to bolster their security.

Our legacy is built on trust, a commitment to excellence , and a deep understanding of our community’s needs. As we look back at the fences we’ve mended, the gates we’ve restored, and the smiles we’ve brought to our client’s faces, we’re filled with a sense of pride and a drive to continue serving our community with the same passion and dedication that has defined us for decades.

Our Colorado Springs Fence Repair Services

Residential Fence Repair

Homes are sanctuaries, and fences play a crucial role in safeguarding these sanctuaries. From the white picket fences that evoke a sense of nostalgia to the modern iron barriers that blend security with style, residential fences come in various forms. At Law Fence Co., we specialize in repairing these fences, ensuring they remain as robust and appealing as the day they were installed . Whether it’s a cedar fence showing signs of age or a chain-link fence damaged by an unexpected event, our team can restore it to its former glory.

Commercial Fence Repair

Businesses have unique fencing needs . A commercial fence is more than just a boundary; it’s a statement of professionalism and a testament to the business’s commitment to security. We understand this at Law Fence Co. Our commercial fence repair services are designed to address businesses’ specific challenges, from ensuring safety to the cost to maintaining a polished appearance that reflects the brand’s image.

Custom Repair Solutions

Every fence tells a story, and some stories are unique. We offer custom repair solutions for fences that don’t fit the mold. Whether it’s a decorative fence that adds character to a property or a specialized security fence, our team approaches each project with a fresh perspective, ensuring the repair solution is tailored to the fence’s unique needs.

Automatic Gate Repairs

Automatic gates are the epitome of convenience and security. However, like all mechanical systems, they can face issues over time. Whether it’s a sensor malfunction or a structural problem, our team at Law Fence Co. is trained to diagnose and fix a range of automatic gate issues, ensuring they function smoothly and securely.

Ready to Restore Your Fence’s Integrity?

Your fence is more than just a boundary; it’s a testament to your property’s safety, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. Don’t let minor damages escalate into significant issues . With over three decades of expertise , Law Fence Co. is here to ensure your fence stands tall and proud , just like the day it was installed.

Considerations When Hiring a Professional Fence Repair Company

Experience and Reputation

A company’s track record speaks volumes about its expertise and the quality of its work. An experienced company will have faced and overcome various challenges, ensuring they can handle any situation.

Serving the Colorado Springs community for decades, Law Fence Co has built a solid reputation. Our extensive clientele and years of experience demonstrate our ability to provide top-notch fencing solutions.

Quality of Materials and Craftsmanship

Your fence’s durability, appearance, and longevity depend on the quality of materials used and the craftsmanship behind its installation.

We use only top-grade materials and equipment , ensuring our fences serve their purpose of security and protection and are durable and attractive.

Customization Options

Every property and homeowner’s needs are unique. A customization company ensures that your specific functional and aesthetic needs are precisely met.

Whether you’re looking for a unique design, a particular material, or a special feature, Law Fence Co. can work with you to create the perfect new fence or gate for your property.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

Post-installation issues, maintenance needs, or simple queries should be addressed promptly and efficiently. A company that prioritizes customer service ensures a smooth experience from start to finish.

Our commitment to quality and customer service sets us apart. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist customers.

Choose Law Fence Co, where quality meets expertise, and let us fortify your property with the best fencing solutions in Colorado Springs .

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Every moment you wait, the damages to your fence could worsen , leading to more extensive fence repairs or replacements in the future. Take action now . Trust in Law Fence Co.’s proven expertise and commitment to excellence. Click below to schedule your fence assessment, and let us bring your fence back to life.


Hiring a professional Colorado Springs fence company for timely fence installation services and repairs, including vinyl fence repairs, is essential for maintaining your property’s safety and aesthetic appeal. A damaged or poorly installed fence can pose a security risk and negatively affect your property’s appearance.

Expert fence contractors ensure that every aspect of your fence, from individual panels to the entire fence structure, is maintained or repaired to the highest standards. This attention to detail not only prolongs the lifespan of your fence but also offers long-term cost savings by preventing more significant issues down the line.

As a prominent Colorado Springs, CO, fence company, Law Fence Co specializes in various fencing materials for top-quality installation and repair services. Our expertise includes working with diverse materials like cedar, iron, and chain-link.

Our skilled team is adept at handling all types of fence repairs, including intricate vinyl fence repairs, ensuring that each job is completed with utmost precision and professionalism.

The duration of a typical fence repair with our Colorado Springs fencing services varies depending on the extent of the damage and the type of fence involved. Minor repairs, such as small vinyl fence sections or routine maintenance, can often be completed within a day.

However, more extensive damages might require additional time, especially those involving large sections or the entire fence. As a committed fence contractor serving Colorado Springs, CO, we always provide a comprehensive assessment, a free estimate, and a clear timeline before commencing any repair work.

Absolutely! We provide repair services for automatic gates. Our team of fencing contractors is adept at diagnosing and addressing various issues related to automatic gates, ensuring seamless functionality.
Minor damages, such as cracks or loose posts, can typically be repaired. However, more significant damages or an aging, deteriorating fence might require replacement. Our team of fence installers can evaluate your fence’s condition and advise on the best course of action.
Yes, all our services, from privacy fence installations to metal fence repairs, come with a warranty. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and are committed to ensuring our clients are wholly satisfied with the results.
Law Fence Co is a premier fence company in Colorado Springs, CO, offering various fencing services. From privacy fences to metal fences, our team of fence installers is equipped with the expertise and materials to cater to all your fencing needs. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to deliver top-notch results similar to the fence companies in the area.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

“I would just like to say that working with Dave Law, and his family owned company, Law Fence, Inc., to install the fencing on our property was one of the most pleasurable construction projects I have ever experienced. Dave is extremely professional and knowledgeable, and he and his team were courteous, and very sensitive of our time. The pricing for the project was more than fair, and weather permitting they showed up when they said they would, and completed the project on time. Their work product is topnotch, and in fact I am constantly being asked by my neighbors and friends who installed our fence, and without hesitation I proudly tell them that Law Fence completed the project and recommend they contact Dave. Both from the quality of the workmanship, and their attention to detail, you can tell that Dave truly cares for, and values, his customers. These are qualities that are not always found in today’s world. Thanks Dave!”

John L
“Law Fence is the best! Dave is the guy you want on your property protecting your home with the best fence and gate options out there. They have provided me outstanding service and top quality products on 2 properties in the past 27 years, including replacing my fence on 5 acres after the Black Forest Fire of 2013. He’s prompt, provides accurate estimates, cleans up the project site, and most importantly- honest and kind. When one of my neighbors was having a problem with property lines and uncooperative neighbors, he stepped in to help – at no charge. Thanks Dave for all the great service over the years!”
Catherine and Bill
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